3 V(olume) Collection



Create volume in the hair through all aspects of hairdressing!


During this course you will not only learn everything about the new JoiFull regimen, our European Design & Color Design Team Members, Ian Davis and Paul Watts will also show you va-va-voom volume through creative but easy to execute cutting, coloring and styling techniques!



• Volume creation demonstrations and workshop through cutting

   and coloring on mannequin heads guided by our JOICO European         Design & Color Team Members.

• Volume styling techniques demonstrations and workshop on   

   mannequin heads guided by our European Design Team Members.

• New product information, USP’s and instructions for use Volume can

   not only be created by the JoiFull products, volume is also about:

• Facial shapes of your client

• Enhance volume by creating horizontal or thicker vertical lines

• Contouring or highlighting with color (as used in make-up techniques)


Duration - 2 Days (10h00 - 17h00)

please note, it may run over with it being a hands-on session.


Dates: 9th & 10th March 2020


Cost - £495 + VAT



The Masterpiece Collection

Find out our JOICOLOR artists’ favourite masterpiece, what inspires them and learn different creative salon-friendly color techniques.


This time, the inspiration for our JOIColor artists Masterpiece Collection is Paul Klee.


The 2020 Masterpiece photo collection using Vero K-Pak Color & Vero K-Pak Chrome, is created by 2 JOICO Guest artists:


• Dan Spiller:

JOICO Color Ambassador for Europe, the UK and Ireland & member of the ‘Marc Antoni Artistic Team’.

• Altin Ismaili:

JOICO Ambassador for Europe, the UK and Ireland &

Member of the ‘Marc Antoni Artistic Team’.

Create your own Masterpiece inspiration

Execute your Masterpiece cut and color concept on a mannequin head


Duration - 2 Days (10h00 - 17h00)

please note, it may run over with it being a hands-on session.


Dates: 20th & 21st April 2020

           19th & 20th October 2020


Cost - £495 + vat 

*check out our payment plans.



Become a Master in JoiColor, this 5 day program is designed to develop your expertise and knowledge on the Joicolor system.   


Want to take your knowledge to the next level on the Joi Color System. Become a master in color, understanding the science behind Hair Structure and the effects of color on the hair.


Each day will grow your confidence and understanding in the science behind the Hair Structure, the effects color has on the hair and how to master the ability to perfect each and every color for every client that walks through your door.


You will have the opportunity to work with each of the JoiColor families and have hands-on sessions with the Joico Educators on mannequin heads to discover the unique  differences between each range and what products are best suited for each and every client.

Duration - 5 Day Program - (10h00 - 16h00) 

please note, it may run over with it being hands-on sessions.

Dates: 7th,8th,9th September & 5th,6th October 2020


Cost - £925 + vat

*check out our payment plans.


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