LED Neon Signs

We are so excited to be able to offer to you the new trend for 2019, the LED Neon Signs

They can be hung on your floral walls to create a gorgeous feature in your salon.

They come on a transparent acrylic back board which can be mounted on most surfaces. The sign itself can be installed outside your salon under certain circumstances.

By default you will receive the sign complete with adapter and hanging wires. The sign will come with strategically drilled holes which makes it easy for hanging or mounting. 

The adapter supplied with the sign will be the UK version.

You will also receive a free remote which comes with a lot of functions. The remote allows you to dim the sign, turn it off or even set a timer. 


All of our signs are made on a clear acrylic board which can be changed into a darker grey if preferred. 

from £450 + vat approx, but please note that price will depend on request.