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The World of Wunderkammer - Wunderkammer Studio
Wunderkammer Studio logo

Owner and designers brother and sister Claudia and Mattia Frignani

A place where it is possible for the thought to overcome the known and visible, in dream and memory.

Wunderkammers very original style hits for the design of strong reference to the past reviewed in a modern key.

Out of time spaces and dreamlike scenography are in balance between art and design, beauty and functionality.

Claudia and Mattia Frignani personally provide the realization of the prototypes,which they reproduced in limited series by the most qualified craftsmen.

Each item is followed in precise detail with some of the objects being assembled and refined in the Wunderkammer laboratories.

Aluminium fusions are realized with an ancient technique. The difference in tones, the light nuances of colours and superficial imperfections are some of the characteristics of these unique objects, exclusive, out of fashion and thought to improve with time.

Salon furniture created by Wunderkammer Studio
Salon furniture designed and created by Wunderkammer Studio
Example of Salon furniture designed and created by Wunderkammer Studio

Wunderkammers range of furniture is extensive, encompassing cast aluminium handles and decorative trays. Side units of all sizes covered in parchment leather with bespoke cast aluminium fitments. Tables and chair designed with life and feeling creating functional sculptures, textures, bold, vibrant and natural. Uniquely styled lighting that has an indefinite timeless appeal.

"Wunderkammer Studio with an emotional approach to the design, propose creations with sinuous lines, sometimes made with materials and techniques of ancient craftsmanship, together with technology and research of new materials, creating pieces with a unique decor, with an organic design that matches the world of art and sculpture"

Claudia and Mattia Frignani
Chair and table designed and created by Wunderkammer Studio
Table designed and created by Wunderkammer Studio
Wunderkammer Studio logo

Please click through to view some of Wunderkammers bespoke items.

Lighting ideas created by Wunderkammer

Laceys has a beautiful display
of Wunderkammer items
demonstrating the textures
and quality of this exquisite brand.
Rooms are finished to
the finest detail visualising
floor and wall concepts.
Wunderkammer lighting
is featured throughout the
premises creating an
ambience that only
Wunderkammer can create.

Photo of Wunderkammer bespoke furniture
Wunderkammer bespoke furniture
New and elegant finishes are continuously experimented on surfaces and materials: polished wood with stucco and natural oxides is matched with metals; leather coating the precious wood furniture is treated in a way to look like stone; the iron, worked in soft and light shapes, appears velvety to touch.

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Wunderkammer furniture example
Bespoke furniture
Furniture created by Wunderkammer Studio
Wunderkammer bespoke furniture example